Court of registry proceedings

The court of registry proceedings is governed by Act No. V. of 2006 on Public Company Information, Company Registration and Winding-up Proceedings.

Company registration (amendment notification) proceedings are non-judicial proceedings to which the provisions of Act III of 1952 on the Code of Civil Procedure (hereinafter: CPC) shall be duly applied, unless otherwise provided for in this Act; adjournments, however, shall not be permitted.

During the proceedings only documentary evidence shall be admitted.

Important information

During the proceedings exemption from charges and any right for the suspension of payment of costs shall not be permitted.

In company registration (amendment notification) proceedings legal representation is mandatory.

The company shall fulfil its notification requirements electronically to the court of registry.

The application for registration (amendment notification) shall be submitted in an electronic document to the court of registry of jurisdiction with reference to the company’s registered office, using a form appropriate for the company type in question, and signed by the legal representative, in the manner and with the enclosures prescribed in this Act.

Payment in e- business proceedings

Pursuant to the Decree of the Ministry of Justice 25/2006. (V. 18.) on the electronic paying of fees as for public notices in the administration of business processes a template of remmittance shall be requested.

Templates of remmittance are available via the following link: fee, reimbursement, guide

Attention: Only templates of remmittance designed exclusively for this purpose shall be used during electronic business proceedings. (identification numbers starting with the sequence1035730)

Types of business proceedings

1.    General: In case of individual company contract, the administrative time limit is 15 working days following its submission.

2.      Simplified: The administrative time limit is 1 working day following the submission of a contract template.